Performing Groups
Ilaz Dance Company has two ‘Performing Groups’, a junior and a senior one.  These groups are the core of the company and represent us at numerous fetes, festivals, shows and charity events.  The classes begin with a warm-up, stretching and steps based around a modern/jazz core. The remainder of the lesson is spent learning dances which are then performed at every opportunity.  The ‘Performing Groups’ learn routines in varying styles including street/hip-hop, jazz, modern and lyrical and perform to a high standard with unique choreography.
The Performing Groups are dependant on attendance so commitment is expected.

Senior/Junior Tap
There are two tap classes for varying ages.  These tap classes go through all the basic and more advanced tap steps culminating in dance routines.  The classes are suitable for all levels as varying standards of each step are taught.  We do not take exams nor follow a syllabus however the steps are the same as would be learnt in a syllabus class.  We use upbeat music and the classes are very enjoyable for all.  Students will have the opportunity to perform their dances at our annual show and at any indoor events.

This class is for little ones aged 2-5 years.  No experience is required.  This class has a modern/jazz base so is upbeat and fun, allowing the children to learn to express themselves through movement, interact and also have the opportunity to perform at our events and annual show.