Performing Groups

Ilaz Dance Company has two ‘Performing Groups’, Seniors (age 10+) and Juniors (6-10).

The performing groups are the core of the company and represent us at numerous fetes, festivals, charity events and showcases.

The classes have a modern/jazz base and students will learn dances in a number of styles including jazz, street, lyrical, contemporary, commercial and many more.  The first part of the classes involves limbering and core dance moves, exercises from the corner and basic principals.  The second part is spent learning dances which are then performed at every opportunity possible.

The performing groups rely on regular attendance, hard work and commitment from all of those involved which results in strong, innovative and modern performances.

Tots Jazz

This class is suitable for children aged 2-5.  It is a jazz based class, focusing on basic, yet core dance moves, flexibility and expression and learning through dance.  It is suitable for complete beginners and is fast paced and fun!


There are two tap classes, senior (aged 10+) and junior (age 4-10).   Both classes are suitable for all standards from beginner through to intermediate as steps are taught at varying difficulties.